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Stop wasting time in spreadsheets and start using WorkSchedule to create a full staff schedule in just 10 minutes.

Medical Staff Scheduling Software for Hospitals, Clinics and Healthcare Organizations

Easily schedule unlimited number of medical staff and shifts with WorkSchedule software

Innospire joins hands with the healthcare industry experts and advisers to develop a Staff Scheduling Software solutions for critical scheduling challenges in healthcare environments. Our mission is to provide online tools and technology to ensure their staff showed up on time for work with happy smiles in their faces. Our software helps you quickly create employee shift schedules, track overtime, labor costs and get accurate data with comprehensive reporting.

Medical staff scheduling software capabilities

Flexible multi-location scheduling

Define work locations (stations) for your organization and designate authorized work locations for each nurse. The Schedule Planner will alert you if any nurse is assigned to an unauthorized location.

Medical staff profile

Keep complete records of available staff including permanent, full-time or part-time staff, float or per-diem staff, travelers, or registry staff, with their skill sets and certification.

Rule based auto scheduling

Our software has the most advanced Automatic Scheduling system in the industry. It is capable of scheduling your employees based on more than just availability and qualifications. Other considerations such as minimum amount of hours per employee, commute fare, the employee preferences, marital, experience, etc.

Monitor attendance

Identify which employees are coming in late or missing shifts. Easy to track on-call, training, vacation, sick leave, and other off-work requests

Manage shift swap request

Allow medical staff or nurse to request shift trades and swaps on their own and provide them more independence

Manage labor costs and avoid over/under staffing

Helps to accommodate patient safety and response time by keeping adequate healthcare staff on call hand at all times. Use standard reports to gain visibility into scheduling activities.


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